FastPictureViewer 1.10

A handy image viewer and organizer created especially for photographers

Though for many it might look like just another image viewer, FastPictureViewer is actually special. It has been created specifically for photographers and for those having to deal with large number of pictures on a constant basis. This tool allows them to quickly view and organize large numbers of photos. Since this is its main purpose, it also provides support for a large variety of RAW image files.
This tool truly sticks to its proclaimed purpose. The photos can be easily browsed and selected to be kept or for deleted, and this is something that photographs often need to do. It is also possible to rate the photos in a very fast manner. Since it should be able to process large numbers of photos in a short time, it was created with attention to its operating speed. Therefore, it takes advantage of powerful technologies such as GPU hardware acceleration in order to be a truly fast image viewer, as its name also says. The interface is simple and neat. Most functions can be accessed from the right-click context menu, which makes the tool more functional and convenient. Despite its speciously-simplistic look, it comes packed with a lot of advanced settings which allow its users to tweak the way it works and looks in every little detail.

A nice addition is the support for photo information dispaly such as EXIF, IPTC, GPS or XMP data. The real-time histograms or the zooming functions are just a few of the many things that this tool has to offer.

In my opinion, despite being a really handy image viewer that comes with a lot of advantages and no drawbacks, FastPictureViewer has a big problem: it has a price tag attached to it. And as long as powerful, fully-featured and widely-known free programs such as IrfanView or XnView are on the market, users will find it hard to admit that the price of FastPictureViewer is actually perfectly justified.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Supports RAW formats
  • Really simple-to-use and neat
  • Optimized to process large numbers of images with high speed


  • Could use some more editing tools and functions
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